Front View Truck - Abnormal loads and towing in Tamworth, NSW

Abnormal loads and towing services

At RJN Transport, we take care of all major infrastructure projects and generalised transportation with our heavy haulage solutions.
Our team understands your needs and know that your load will be different in delivery location, size and deadline to any previous jobs. With that in mind, we take time to provide you with secure and reliable freight solutions for your requirements.
Heavy haulage jobs are all overseen by our highly experienced and qualified team.
Get in touch to discuss the logistics of your project.

Abnormal Loads

Here at RJN Transport, abnormal loads are our speciality. No matter the height, weight or width of your load, we are adept at moving all manner of cargo.
We have moved countless abnormal and over-dimensional loads with our specialised trailers and trucks. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of your goods.
To begin our team will analyse your load size. From there we will arrange the safest route, paying close attention to your requirements. We can also organise an escort vehicle and driver, should you need it.
Our experienced heavy haulers are licensed to conduct the haulage of abnormal loads and adhere to all safety standards. We also pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of current road laws, curfews and travel restrictions. This ensures that we transport your load with the utmost care and safety.
If you have something that other companies can’t handle, choose RJN Transport. We can haul the largest loads nationwide.

General Haulage

Working nationwide, RJN Transport provide haulage solutions no matter the freight size.
Our team have the capability and expertise to move anything to your desired destination. From small farm machinery to large excavators, we will transport your goods from A to B smoothly.
We don’t just provide heavy haulage solutions, we provide solutions for all of your haulage needs. Our team can transport single or multiple pieces for you. We can also conduct multiple pick-up and drop off services.

What We Carry

Using our fleet trucks and trailers our team can handle all large and general loads including:

If you require a specialty item transported, speak to our expert team.


If things have gone awry and you need a tow, choose RJN Transport.
Anything we can haul, we can tow, including:
Our team works to provide fast turnarounds to save you precious time and money. We offer light and heavy towing of vehicles and machinery and can even recover broken down equipment.
We are licensed
Tow Truck Operators Licence No. 10038